Sunday School Classes

Deepen your faith in between worship services by attending one of our 4 Adult Sunday School classes.

Tri-M Adult Class

Tri-M class is an adult Sunday school class meeting in the first room past the cross-over hallway.  Any Mr., Mrs. or Miss is invited to come join us. We follow a biblically-based quarterly study series, presently studying the Old Testament books of Jeremiah and Lamentations.  The class is led by Joanne Hodges..
A Bible-based study for men and women of all ages, usually involving video-driven lessons followed by group discussion.  We encounter Scripture, intent to meet a relevant and personal God, desiring to learn, and expecting to be changed.  This study happens in the context of caring fellowship, friendship, and support, with no individual expectations of a certain level of biblical scholarship to participate, but with an attitude of openness for discussion and desire to apply a living faith in a meaningful way.  Come prepared to explore a spectrum of topics and conversations that will address the needs of your personal faith, rooted in the light of Scripture and the person of Jesus Christ.

Bible Studies

At Monticello UMC we believe in growing as Christians by studying the Word of God.  We offer a number of opportunities for Bible Study.

 Wednesday Women’s Bible Study – All women are welcome.  We usually do in depth studies which require daily readings.  We also have 30 min. of prayer time included. We meet all year, including summer.

Short Term Studies – We realize you have a busy, ever-changing schedule, and often cannot commit to a group that meets every week.  So, we like to offer short-term, periodic studies that focus on a specific book of the Bible, or a popular modern book.